FOMB Spring Bay Day

Chop Point School, Woolwich, ME

May 20, 2003


Participating Schools: (Approximately 200 4th grade children participating)

Marcia Buker, Richmond

Hawthorne, Brunswick

Woodside, Topsham

Chop Point, Woolwich

Harpswell Islands, Harpswell



Smell Any Trees Lately?

Alewife Prints With DMR

I Can Dig It

Bay Day is Not Just For Fourth Graders

Jay Robbins: Pied Piper of Archaeology

And Now a Word From the Wise... Owls

Is There A Nicer Outdoor Classroom?

I Spy an Eagle's Nest

Local Showers Predicted for the Bay Today

The Artist and the Sturgeon

You Otter Know More About Us Today the You Did Yesterday!

The Fisher and the Great Horned Owl, Together Again

A Sturgeon in the Hand...

What a Girl and Otter Have to Do to Get Some Shade!

Immerse Thyselves

One Fish, Two Fish; Yellow and Blue Fish


What We Found