Speaker Series Videos

In the Company of Bears
Ben Kilham, independent wildlife biologist and author
May 11,2016


Royalty of the River: Kennebec Sturgeon Status
Tom Squiers, Fisheries Biologist
April 13, 2016


Maine’s Rare & Endangered Invertebrates
Phillip deMaynadier, Wildlife Biologist, MDIF&W
March 9, 2016



The Mortal Sea
Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail

Jeff Bolster, UNH, Marine Historian and Author
February 10, 2016



Kelping the Earth with a Virtuous Vegetable
featuring Paul Dobbins of Ocean Approved
January 13, 2016



300 Years of Hermit Island Fisherman, Farmers & Indians Too: 1650-1950
Christopher Sewall, Hermit Island Historian
December 9, 2015

Land for Maine’s Future & Public Forests Under Attack
Peter Didisheim, NRCM Advocacy Director
Wednesday, November 11th, 2015


Voices of the Tidewater Kennebec
Bud Warren, Historian
October 14, 2015



Unseen but Everywhere: Plankton & Particles
Harry Nelson and Heather Anne Wright, Fluid Imaging Technologies
May 13, 2015


Frank Richards, Sea Run Alewife Restoration (April 8, 2015)



Gary Lawless speaks about Chimney Farm (February 11, 2015)



Jay Robbins on Steve Powell’s World of Wildlife in Film & Photo (January 14,2015)



Tony Jadczak, Maine State Apiarist: The Value of Honey Bees to Maine Agriculture



John Bunker ­– Searching for Historic Apples of Maine (November 12, 2014)



Hope Douglas (Wind Over Wings) – Raptor Rehab.


Bob Klotz (350 Maine) - Tar Sands: Alberta to Androscoggin



Pete Didisheim (NRCM) - Mining in Maine: Open for Business?



2014 Annual Meeting/Bruce Bourque's The Swordfish Hunters
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