Tar Sands Oil: Alberta to Androscoggin

Bob Klotz

from 360 Maine

Tuesday, March 18 ,2014


Tar Sands

This presentation, featuring Bob Klotz from 350 Maine, is entitled Tar Sands Oil: Alberta to Androscoggin. The public is welcome and light refreshments will be served.

Bob Klotz, the Tar Sands Coordinator and co-founder of 350 Maine, will discuss the proliferation of tar sands oil in New England, connecting the dots from its source in Alberta, Canada to the Androscoggin River here in Maine. The production of tar sands oil in Alberta and its distribution - New England included - is one of the most destructive energy options we have in a time where shifting to renewables is more important than ever. Referred to as a "carbon bomb" given its impact on the global climate and the overall health of our environment, the development of the Alberta oil fields - and the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline - has been described as "game over for the planet" per retired NASA scientist James Hansen. Bob will consider the risk of tar sands, the impact on Canadian First Nations, and the success of local and regional activism opposing extreme energy choices coming into Maine.

Bob Klotz is a South Portland resident who has worked in healthcare for almost 40 years. Bob is a physician’s assistant, currently employed in addiction medicine, who also has experience as a health educator and a provider of complementary wellness services. Since 2012, Bob has worked to develop 350 Maine – a grassroots movement dedicated to solving the planetary climate crisis.

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Watercolors by
Sarah Stapler