Winter Speaker Series


Astronomy 101

Wednesday, October 10th, 7:00pm
Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick

Ron Thompson
Southern Maine Astronomers

Ron Thompson lives in Yarmouth and is a Director and Treasurer of the “Southern Maine Astronomers”.  .” He has been interested in Astronomy since Sputnik went into orbit in October of 1957.  Ron enjoys the night sky with just his eyes or Binoculars or a telescope.  He studies the Sun, our very own star, and tries to keep up with all the many aspects of Astronomy; the technology advancements, spacecraft and all the new discoveries being made.  Ron has been working with “Cornerstones of Science”, in Brunswick, modifying telescopes for libraries, and providing workshops for the librarians and patrons.  This is his fourteenth school year at Cape Elizabeth High School, helping the science teachers with their Astronomy programs.  Ron enjoys seeing people open up and discover Astronomy, ultimately learning and enjoying the night sky.
Ron will give participants the tools needed to enjoy the night sky. First, you'll get a brief overview of what astronomy is all about, discover where to find resources and use “Sky Maps”, or star charts, and learn how to use your eyes and charts to navigate the night sky.  You will learn to “read”, identify and highlight the current Constellations for the month, using a sky map.  There are many “objects” in the night sky.  Some you can see with your eyes, some with binoculars and some you would need a telescope to see.  If time allows, Ron will describe the library telescope and identify the different parts. 

Below is a link for the Sky Maps we'll be using in October.  They are not available until after the first of the month.  Attendees should download and print them for the meeting and bring something to write or mark the charts with.  The skymaps are the most important part of the presentation. There also may be copies at the library as they do this every month for their patrons.   Skymaps provide something to look at and "study" before the meeting AND they stimulate questions.  Ron welcomes audience participation. Previous skymaps are available to download for comparisons with the current sky.  


Watercolors by
Sarah Stapler