A Cyber-Library in which we collect materials pertinent to Merrymeeting Bay

Fish, Wildlife, Plants & Habitat (Biological Aspects)
Includes information on fish and wildlife in Merrymeeting Bay, salmon, American eel, sea lamprey, anadromous fish restoration, sturgeon, habitat, turtles, wetlands, Maine Natural Areas Program survey, & other topics.

Hydrology, Geology, Etc. (Physical Aspects)
Includes information about our research on currents in the Bay, hydropower, etc.

Legal Documents & Petitions
Includes documents related to legal cases such as dam relicensing to protect the American eel, endangered species protections, the proposal to put hydroelectric turbines in the Chops, etc.

Includes overview of environmental issues in the Bay, bibliography of environmental resources for the Bay, archaeology, interesting links, & other topics.

Resource Management and Planning
Includes Kennebec River Resource Mngmt. Plan, general Bay conservation materials, notes on comprehensive planning around the Bay, & other topics.

Toxins, Pollution and Water Quality (Chemical Aspects)
Includes information on using caged mussels to test for toxins such as PCBs and dioxin in the Bay & tributaries, sources of Bay pollution, water quality testing in the Bay, & other topics.

Watercolors by
Sarah Stapler